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APFW 2019 will be organized along five parallel streams under which a wide range of events (plenaries, workshops, seminars, training, etc.) will be organized. If you are interested in organizing a partner event under one of the streams, please submit an application here.

1Restoring our forests and landscapes

Forest restoration is a global and regional priority. This stream will not only discuss different restoration focuses and approaches (for example, urban and peri-urban forestry,forest and landscape restoration, community-based restoration and so forth), but also explore the linkages between restoration efforts and financing and investment opportunities including the involvement of the private sector.Stream led by:

2People and forests living in harmony

Forests play an important role in reducing poverty, enhancing food security and supporting local livelihoods.The stream will focus on social dimensions of forests, addressing issues related to tenure, equity, gender, and community participation and discuss how forests can provide more tangible opportunities for communities to improve their incomes and livelihoods sustainably.Stream led by:

3Building a resilient environment

A range of old concerns and new ideas are expected to be discussed under this stream, including progress on REDD+ implementation, forest sector contribution to Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), reduction and management of disaster risks and emerging green technologies to help us to increase resilience to climate variability.Stream led by:

4Promoting responsible trade and markets

The stream will discuss emerging trends in trade, markets and consumer behavior of timber and non-timber forest products as well as forest ecosystem services. Forestry industry development in the region and with a focus on smallholders will also receive attention in this stream. Stream led by:

5Innovating governance and institutions

A number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region have completed or are undergoing forestry policy and governance structure reforms in recent years. This stream will share and exchange experience from the countries related to such reforms. At the same time, the stream will discuss how to address natural resources conflicts and transboundary issues as well as how forests have been contributing to the SDGs and other international agreements. Stream led by:

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