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If you would like to participate in APFW 2019, please review and confirm your agreement to the privacy terms below and fill out the registration form.
APFW 2019 등록을 원하시는 분들은, 이용약관을 읽고 동의 후 등록을 진행해주시기 바랍니다. Deadline for Registration: 7 June (Fri) / 등록마감일: 6월 7일(금)
Please note that lunch, dinner, and congress KIT will be provided to pre-registration only.
단체등록을 신청하실 분들은, 첨부된 파일을 작성하시어 apfw2019korea@gmail.com 으로 발송해 주시기 바랍니다. 단체등록 신청서
Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy Statement of the APFW 2019 shall enter into force on March 20, 2019.

1. Purpose
The organizers of APFW 2019 shall collect and process participants’ personal information for the following. Processed personal information shall only be used as in the following. When there are changes or revisions in usage, information providers will contact for prior consent. a. Application for the Registration of APFW 2019 Personal information will be processed to confirm and facilitate participants’ participation. b. Provision of Goods and Services User’s email account will be used in sharing information.

2. Scope of Personal Information
Pursuant to Article 32 of the Personal Information Protection Act, The organizers of APFW 2019 shall collect and process personal information as in the following.
1. Scope of Personal Information APFW 2019 Exhibition Application - Personal Information Items: category, first name, middle name, last name, preferred name for badge, sex, email, password, organization, department, position, organization's address, country, website, twitter, phone, mobile, passport no., date of issue, date of expiry, issuing authority, address, date of birth, copy of passport, dietary type - Collection Method: through APFW 2019 website - Retention Ground: to facilitate APFW 2019 registration - Retention Period: within One Year after the event closing - Related Law: Records on contracts or withdrawal of subscription - 5 years

3. User's Right, Obligation, and Ways of Exercising
Users as the owner of the personal information shall exercise the following rights:

a. Under the Personal Information Protection Act, users are entitled to exercise the following rights:
ⅰ) requests for viewing personal information
ii) requests for corrections of errors
iii) requests for deletion of personal information
iv) requests for suspension of processing personal information

b. Pursuant to the foregoing paragraph ‘a’, the applicant shall fill out Form 8 in Annex of the Act and send by digital mail to APFW 2019, then the APFW 2019 will respond without delay.

c. In the case an information owner requests correction or deletion, The organizers of APFW 2019 shall not use or provide the information until the information is duly corrected or deleted.

d. Pursuant to the foregoing paragraph ‘a’, a legal or authorized representative can ask. In the case, based on Form 8 in Annex of the Act, a Letter of Attorney should be submitted.

4. Personal Information Items
a. The organizers of APFW 2019 shall process personal information in the following way.

5. Destruction of Personal Information
APFW 2019 shall, in principle, destroy the personal information without delay when the information has completed service. The procedure, timeline and methods of the destruction are as follows.

a. Procedure Personal information users have put in shall be destroyed by deleting the database of the server after some retention period.

b. Timeline When the retention period is over, personal information shall be destroyed within five days from the closing day. And in the case the personal information is no longer necessary for some reasons including completed use, service closure, business closing, etc. the information shall be destroyed within five days.

c. Methods Digital information will be removed by the method that APFW 2019 cannot restore it in any way.

6. Protective Measures for Personal Information
Under Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act, APFW 2019 is committed to ensuring the security of personal information through technological or managerial measures.

a. Minimizing the staff with access to personal information The organizers of APFW 2019 shall organize a managing team, in the least possible number to implement protection measures.

b. Establishing an internal management plan and execution For secured processing of personal information, an execution manual shall be drawn up to be carried out.

c. Restricted access to personal information Access to the DB system involved in processing personal information shall strictly control throughout the process from collection, modifications to destruction. And the firewall system shall be in place to secure controlled access.

7. Privacy Protection Manager
a. The organizers of APFW 2019 shall appoint a Privacy Protection Manager who takes responsibility in general management of personal information, including handling users’ complaints or requests for corrections.
Privacy Protection Manager
Ms. Young Kyung KIM 김영경
E-mail: apfw2019korea@gmail.com

b. Users can contact the Privacy Protection Manager for any inquiries, correction requests or inconveniences arising from using the APFW 2019 website. When asked, the Manager will respond immediately.

8. Revision of Privacy Policy Statement
a. This Privacy Statement shall enter into force on March 20, 2019.
Changes in the statement ranging from addition, deletion, or correction, etc.
will be notified on the website 7 days prior to the implementation.

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Asia-Pacific Forestry Week 2019

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